The idea and concept of my product SUGAR AWAY™ was developed between the 80’s and 90’s and later for sale on February 10, 2000. After spending months in the medical books, researching on the internet and many hours in the library studying the Taste & Smell receptors in the body. I had found some ingredients that can change the receptors way of sending a signal to the brain to stop the taste of sugar.

You can use this product to learn what junk food taste like without the sugar. This is a great way for you mind to remind you to avoid what you are putting into your mouth.


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Come visit us at the vibrant West Coast Womans’s Show. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the best in GVRD’s fashion and limelight. Visit our booth for fun and engaging information about sugar, and a live demonstration of the Sugar Away experience.

But isn ‘t sugar just “empty calories”? If I eat a lot of sugar, how will i get enough vitamins and minerals? 

People rarely eat sugar on its own. Adding sugar to foods improves their taste and increases the range of foods that people will eat. For example, without sugar many breakfast cereals, which provide important vitamins, minerals and fibre, would be less palatable. More

Added sugar: Don’t get sabotages by sweeteners

If you’re like many people, you may be eating and drinking more sugar than you realize because it’s added to so many foods and beverages. That added sugar means added calories.




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