You know what its like!

As soon as you go on your diet, all you can
think about is food, particularly those foods
that you know will blow your calorie counts
right through the roof. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could avoid those cravings that turn into disasters in the first place.

You now have help!

SUGAR AWAY™ is designed to aid you in your diets and can help stop your sugar cravings. SUGAR AWAY™ is made from concentrated all natural ingredients. You are getting an Herbal Formula that will stop your craving up to 1/2 hour to 1 – 1/2 hours.


July, 2001 – Sugar Away First Press Release

Aaah, sugar – the magic ingredient that transforms a chocolate cake, frosted doughnut or an ice cream sundae into a decadent delight. Less gratifyingly, sugar cravings can throw the best-laid weight management plans into disarray and put your dentist’s office number on your speed dial list. Of course, as a glucose aficionado you’re convinced nothing short of taste bud removal could turn the taste of sweets to ashes in your mouth. But in this case Nature has been more than fair: all that those who struggle with a sweet tooth have to do is chew on a leaf from gymnema sylvestre, a woody climbing plant used in herbal medicine.

Found in the tropical forests of the central and southern Indian subcontinent, the plant’s naturally occurring ingredient temporarily inhibits the body’s ability to taste and absorb glucose (its Hindi name, gurmar, means “destroyer of sugar”). Fortunately for North Americans, a leaf-chewing pilgrimage to India isn’t necessary. The active ingredient in gurmar, gymnemic acid, has been bottled into an herbal product called Sugar Away, patented and promoted by Vancouver-based Dale R. Reynolds Enterprises Inc.

The product comes in tiny, portable 8.5ml spray bottles that can be tucked discreetly into pocket or purse. Looking much like a spray-on breath freshener, Sugaraway works in much the same way: direct 2-3 full sprays onto the tongue, and then roll the tongue across the roof of the mouth and around the sides to coat the palate, for about 10-15 seconds before swallowing. Pharmacological and clinical tests show that the molecules in gymnemic acid, which are similar in structure to glucose molecules, coat the sugar-detecting taste bud receptors on the tongue. Once sprayed on and ingested, the sugar-deadening effect lasts a good ½ hour up to 1 – 1/2 hours.

The gymnemic acid is solubilized in a safe, stable, completely natural herbal formula with ingredients such as royal jelly. Its bittersweet tang disappears quickly, and if applied as directed, voila – Sugar Away, for about a couple of hours. Enough time, says Sugar Away inventor Dale Reynolds, to resist that huge helping of brownies at the barbecue or avoid those candy impulse buys at the supermarket.

Using Sugar Away still requires some discipline on the user’s part; you have to remember to bring it with you, and to spray it on before social functions or on grocery trips. Sugar Away is also less directly relevant for foodies with carbohydrate or fat cravings. But for the rest of us who love our sweets, and in combination with an exercise regimen and otherwise healthy food habits, Sugar Away can be a very real help in whittling away the weight and in gradually weaning junk food from our diet. Says Reynolds: “Picture a large piece of chocolate cake. Then, imagine it isn’t sweet. Why bother to eat it?”

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